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Very few tenant screening companies are allowed to display the BBB Accredited Business Seal. 
AAA Credit screening is proud to be a longtime  Gold Star Member of the
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Employee Background Checks

Get a Background Check with AAA Credit Screening Services

Employers! Performing a background check on a potential employee is a wise decision. A background check will help you determine whether an individual has the proper credentials for that vacant position. It is imperative to research a potential hire’s background to verify their identity and to check for a criminal history. AAA Credit Screening Services can assist in ensuring that that “perfect candidate” does not have any blemishes on their record that could jeopardize your company. Criminal records checks, credit checks, wants and warrants checks, driving records checks, social security number verifications, prior address checks, educational verification, current/previous employment verifications, civil court searches, workers compensation claims, federal civil and felony records searches, and more can be provided.  

Attention Landlords! Attaining a background check on potential renters is also beneficial. Tenant screening could save you money in damaged property, improve long-term occupancy, decrease late payments, and eliminate criminal activity. Call AAA Credit Screening Services before you hand over those keys!

Background Checks on Companies Available

Are you lending to established companies? Commercial property managers, brokers and realtors can benefit from AAA Credit Screening Services because we provide business credit reports on companies across all industries. Business credit reports detail a company’s financial status. It displays their creditors, debts, sales numbers and bankruptcies. If you require just a “snapshot” or a more comprehensive report- we have what you need! Our Business Profile report is extensive: including financial information, company’s trade information, public information such as a bankruptcy, bank loans monthly/quarterly payment trends and Comparative Industry Data. Looking for something less detailed? Choosing a Commercial Intelliscore may be a good choice if you would like a numerical risk assessment and only need basic company information. (Keep in mind, if the business has been in operation less than six months it would be more helpful to perform a consumer credit check on the business owner).

Knowledge is power. Place that power within your grasp and make a well-informed decision with a background check from AAA Credit Screening Services! Review our price list now.

Employment & Credentials Verification

Before You Shake On It, Check Them Out

A proper background check helps YOU make better decisions by investigating both credit and criminal history. Our wide range of services have helped many companies and individuals determine if a potential hire, a potential renter, or potential lessee is being honest about their history. Whether it is a consumer credit report, a company credit check, or a background check, AAA Credit Screening Services is happy to help you make informed decisions. Don’t delay, browse through our site today!

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Don�t Let a Bad Apple Endanger Your Business! Protect Your Business with a Comprehensive Background Check

Hiring managers and owners need to be careful when relying on a resume and an interview. It�s a much better policy to perform a comprehensive background check before making any hiring decisions.

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Find out more about Credit Check by contacting us today!

Featured Article:

A Background Check Is an Important Part of the Home Care Industry

[Posted on Sep 12]

The home care industry is quite vast. It can encompass healthcare, hospice work, volunteer work, babysitting and pet-sitting. While these different occupations are officially broken up into several different categories, they all have something in common. They all involve taking care of somebody's loved one. A background check can help determine who you are entrusting the care of your loved one to.

If you are looking to hire a nurse to work in your home and help take care of an elderly relative, you will take the time to find those with the best qualifications. But resumes and applications can contain false information. Some people embellish their skills and leave out anything negative that can affect their chance at employment. They can play roles just as well as any actor. This is why you want to make sure that your loved one is in the care of someone who not only qualifies, but is honest. Performing a credit check on potential caregivers who will work in your home will help you to weed out all of the candidates that can’t be trusted.

You can find out a lot of information on a person with an online background check from AAA Credit Services. And, depending on the information you require, most background checks can take as little as one hour to perform. You can perform a criminal background check to see if there are any outstanding warrants or domestic abuse complaints, two things that are important to know about someone employed in the caregiving industry. You can also do a credit check, and find out if the person really is who they say they are. Or you can do a driving record check to find out if the person has anything on their driving record that could possible effect the transportation of your loved ones.

You wouldn’t want to put someone you love into just anyone’s hands. Hiring someone for home care may seem like a heavy burden to bear. And it can be – if you do it by yourself. But you don’t have to. Let us take some of the burden of finding that perfect person off of your shoulders. That’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.


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