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Background Credit Check

Find Out Their History with a Background Credit Check through AAA Credit Screening Services

If you are an employer, take heed! One of the best things you can do for yourself and your company is to perform a background credit check on any potential employee. It is important to verify their identity, see if they have any criminal history, or check a driving record before you hire them. Not doing so could cost you a lot in the future. AAA Credit Screening Services can help you perform a background credit check on candidates for employment so you will have a better idea about the person you are hiring. By performing an employment background check, you can have a better idea on who to hire for that important position in your company. Your employees can be a reflection on you, so you want to be sure you pick the right person. If not, that could result in losses for you.

With AAA Credit Screening Services, you can get a background credit check for:

  • Criminal records
  • Credit checks
  • Warrants
  • Driving records
  • Social Security number verification
  • Prior address checks
  • Educational verification
  • Current/previous employer verification
  • Civil court searches
  • Claims for Worker's Compensation
  • Claims for Worker's Compensation
  • And more

Listen up, landlords! Our services can benefit you as well! Tenant credit screening is available through AAA Credit Screening Services that will tell you if that potential renter or buyer has a history of destroying property, not paying rent, criminal activity and more. It is essential to know who you are renting to these days before handing over the keys and our background credit check services will help you gain the important knowledge you need.

Also, we assist commercial property managers, brokers and realtors as well. AAA Credit Screening Services can perform a company credit check for businesses in all sorts of industries. You can see a company's financial status and obtain information on their debts, any bankruptcies, sales numbers, creditors and more. With our Business Profile, you can receive extensive information on their finances, trades, bank loans, payment trends, and Comparative Industry data. Our Commercial Intelliscore background credit check for companies is less extensive, but still informative.

The more knowledge you have about an individual or a company, the better decisions you can make. Let AAA Credit Screening Services assist you today with a professional background credit check. Simply browse through our website for more information!

Featured Article:

Unreliable People Will Be Weeded Out With A Background Credit Check

[Posted on Nov 29]

Success in any form of business rarely comes without taking risks but ideally those are calculated risks. Taking unnecessary risks more often than not results in negative consequences and should be avoided whenever possible. AAA Credit Screening Services specializes in helping our clients reduce their level of risk by providing them with valuable information that they’re able to use when making important decisions. Our clients include employers, landlords, lenders or any company that wants to know more about potential business partners. When you request a background check from AAA Credit Screening Services, we’ll return that report as quickly as we can, perhaps even the same business day and we’ll make ourselves available in case you have any questions or need further explanation of the information contained.

If you’ve got property advertised for rent, you’ll be inundated with a number of interested parties. The process of narrowing down that pool of potential tenants can be daunting, even after you’ve eliminated the obviously unqualified. When you’re looking at a handful of promising candidates or you believe you’ve got someone that will make a good fit, it’s important that you take the next step and verify that the information they’ve provided, specifically as it relates to the credit and rental history, is accurate. With a background credit check from AAA, you’ll quickly learn all you need to know about the person in question and be able to proceed one way or the other, whether that’s granting them the lease or discarding them because their past has made them a liability.

We have clients that use our background credit check when selling cars to people in installments. When someone approaches you about purchasing your car through an installment plan, the only way that can be considered an option is by verifying their credit history. Regardless of the motivation, in many cases, the simple notification that a background check will be obtained will scare off those that know what will be revealed, saving you the time of dealing with them at all.

Believing that you’re saving yourself time or money by not doing a background search on someone is not the kind of risk you should be taking. You’ll end up regretting the fact that you didn’t protect yourself from someone that, had a background credit check been obtained, would have clearly disqualified themselves from consideration for employment or tenancy.

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