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Our Driving Record Check is Essential for Businesses

[Posted on February 1]

If you run a driving company and need to hire a driver, it is important to screen prospective employees before giving them the keys to your vehicle.  One of the best ways to ensure that an employee you hire has a clean driving record is with a driving record check from AAA Screening Services.  With our report, your business can make an informed decision - reducing the risk of hiring a potentially dangerous driver.

Receive a Detailed Driving Record Check
At AAACredit.net, we offer a comprehensive driving record check which can help businesses make informed decisions on who they hire to operate their company vehicles.  No matter what type or size business you run, if you deliver goods or services using a vehicle - a safe, cautious driver is good for business.  This is why it is extremely important to run a driving record check on a prospective employee before they get behind the wheel.  At AAACredit.net, we offer a comprehensive driving record check that details an applicant’s driving history from 3-10 years depending upon the state.  In addition, other essential information that can be revealed using our reports include: any motor vehicle violations, accidents, if the applicant had any suspensions or revocations and if the applicant has any active search warrants.  Plus, with our driving record check, we are also able to verify if a driver has any drug or alcohol related driving offenses and past convictions for driving under the influence. 

Receive Your Report Quickly and Efficiently
At AAA Credit Screening Services, we not only offer our comprehensive driving record check, but receiving your detailed report is usually quick and convenient.  In fact, for most states, we can provide your driving record check for an applicant in less than 1 hour.  This means you don’t have to wait around for hours or even days to make a decision.  For businesses that require quality information on an applicant’s driving record, it is best to use the services of AAACredit.net.

The Benefits of Using Our Service
Besides quality and comprehensive driving record checks at AAA Credit Screening Services we offer plenty of benefits that are hard to find anywhere else.  First off, we strive to offer first class customer service.  In fact, our experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff will help you navigate your report to ensure you understand all the information within it.  This way, you not only understand the report thoroughly, but are also able to make the best decision possible based on this information. In addition, we also offer a wide range of other screening products including our business credit report, tenant screening report and pre employment background check.  Browse our site or contact us today directly for more information on our many products and services.

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