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Very few tenant screening companies are allowed to display the BBB Accredited Business Seal. 
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Fast Tenant Credit Check

Need a Credit Check? Contact AAA Credit Screening Services 

Getting a credit check on new employees, tenants, and other businesses can be an important step when it comes to protecting yourself. A credit check gives you insight into a person’s credit history, civil court judgment history, tax liens, employment and much more. It is a valuable asset to any employer or businessperson who is looking for the right person to do business with or to hire. AAA Credit Screening Services offers many services where you can check out an individual or a business to make sure the person or business is legitimate. Many applicants will falsify information on their resumes.  A credit report can tell you things about them that they may not be willing to tell in person. Although most people are generally forthcoming about themselves when dealing with employment or business, having a background check performed can help you make a better decision.  

Credit Checks Can Benefit You as Well 

Business credit checks will allow you to check the credit references of any company individual that you intend to do business with.   Company credit checks can be obtained from public record information that does not require permission by the company being checked.  Individual credit checks always require the permission of the person being checked according to federal law under the FCRA. AAA Credit Screening Services can assist you with getting a credit check on anyone you intend to lend to or finance.

These reports contain information on the individual’s or business address, how they pay their bills, and whether they’ve been sued, or filed for bankruptcy. These consumer credit reports are your protection against providing credit to over-extended customers, helping you avoid costly collections, judgments and legal remedies for bankruptcies. If you need assistance in going over these reports, AAA Credit has an experienced staff that can help you navigate through it.  

Several Packages Available 

Employers seeking a credit check on potential employees will find that AAA Credit Screening Services has several convenient packages available to them. The Full Employment Screening Package allows you to see a person’s credit report, statewide criminal record, current and previous employment verifications and an optional education verification. Another credit check is the Quick Screening Package for quick pre-employment screening, a Senior Screening Package for senior management employees, and the comprehensive Executive Screening Package, a deep background employee screening package. Whether you are a businessperson, or an individual looking to hire someone, an employment background check can be a tremendous help to you. Browse through our site today and view our credit report pricing to get started! 

Tax Liens, Judgment History & More

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Credit Check Reports Prove Valuable for Employers, Property Owners, and Others

Credit check reports can prove to be a valuable tool for employers, property owners, and others. If a credit check or comprehensive background check report is needed, then there is no better place to turn to than AAA Credit Screening Services. Contact us today for more information.

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Find out more about Business Credit Report by contacting us today!

Featured Article:

A Credit Check from AAA Credit Screening Services Comes with More than Just a Report

[Posted on Oct 27]

If you’re planning to rent out your home or apartment to a tenant, you’re going to want to find out as much as you can about that person before making a decision. One of the easiest things that you can do to find out a ton of information quickly is get a credit check. AAA Credit Screening Services can conduct these checks for you and give you a detailed report that will make your decision making process a whole lot easier. Not only is going this easy, it’s also really affordable and could end up saving you a lot of money in the end.

When you trust AAA Credit Screening Services to handle a tenant credit check, it can put your mind at ease. First off, it’s going to free up some of your time to focus on your other responsibilities as a property manager. If you’re like most managers, you’ve got a lot on your plate, so having time to focus on these things instead of worrying about background screening is a positive. Also, the comprehensive report that you receive will clear up any questions that you might have about a tenant’s ability to pay rent each month. You’ll be able to see if a tenant is employed and who his or her major creditors are.

The best thing about choosing AAA Credit Screening Services to help you conduct a credit check is that you’re going to get a lot more for your money. A detailed report is one thing that you might be able to get from another company that offers tenant screening, but you’re not going to get the level of service that you will get from AAA Credit Screening Services. Sometimes, information is not clear to those who haven’t spent a lot of time looking at credit reports. If this is the case, our staff will provide you with all of the help you need to fully understand the information in your report.

At AAA Credit Screening Services, we make getting a credit check on a potential tenant simple. You can choose your next renter with a lot more confidence once you’ve looked over one of our reports. No matter what questions you might need answered, we’re here to answer them and help you in any way possible. Contact us today to help get you started on finding a great new tenant.

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