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Employment Background Check

Hiring an Employee? Check them out first

The time has come for you to hire a new employee. They seemed top-notch in the interview, but how can you be sure they are right for your company? Don’t just trust your gut….before you say “You’re hired,” do a background check. Employee background checks are an excellent way to verify that your candidate is an honest person. Employers know it takes time and money to train someone for a position. This training is useless if you discover that the person you hired and trained is not right for your company. Contact AAA Credit Screening Services now to start your employee background checks. We offer employment background check services for employers as well as various background check services for landlords, realtors and more. Take control of your hiring process and perform a pre-employment background check today!

Choose the Right Package for You

AAA Credit Screening Services realizes one size does not fit all. Sometimes, you only need to know the basics for an employee background screening, other times an extensive background check is necessary. We have designed packages with your needs in mind. Our Full Employment Package will provide you with an employment verification, a credit report, and a statewide criminal record. An optional educational verification is also available. For a swift pre-employment screening, try our Quick Screening Package, which contains items such as a statewide criminal records check, a credit report, a prior address search, and social security number validation. For employers who are seeking a more in-depth employment background check, we offer the Senior Screening Package or the Executive Screening Package, which are two of our most comprehensive screenings. Remember, AAA Credit Screening Services is happy to custom tailor a package just for you! We are your source for employee background checks.

Knowledge is Power

Wouldn’t you like to make better decisions about your business? Employee background checks can give you the knowledge you need when making hiring decisions. A pre-employment background check provides you with confidence and peace of mind, while you earn the trust of your other employees and upper management. Solve those human resource issues by running employee background checks! Contact AAA Credit Screening Services. Don’t delay, browse our website today!

Featured Article:

Before Hiring the Next Member of Your Team, Conduct a Background Check

[Posted on Oct 24]

Hiring great employees is something that all business owners want to do, but not everyone takes the time to get to know candidates well enough to make the best hiring decision. Unfortunately, this is often due to being pressed for time and being under pressure to get a new hire started right away. Before you select someone to work for your business, make sure that you conduct an employment background check on them first. This can give you a lot of useful information about a person’s history, and it will make the hiring process much easier. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can trust AAA Credit Screen Services to do the job for you.

Hiring the best employees is obviously going to be good for you and your business interests, but it will have other benefits as well. Not only will an employment background check benefit you, it’s also going to benefit your customers. When they do business with you, they’re going to expect great service. The best way to offer them such service is by hiring only the best employees. If you hire someone who is untrustworthy, then you can’t be sure that your customers will get the high level of service that they deserve. To give your customer the best, you should conduct an online background check on all potential employees.

Conducting pre-employment background checks will also really benefit the other people who work for you. In most businesses, it takes teamwork to get things done right, so employees need to be working with those whom they trust to have their backs. If you hire someone that your other employees can’t trust, then you may be putting them at risk. You may then have a hard time keeping morale up in the office, and your business could really suffer because of this.

Before you agree to hire your some additional help, it’s a great idea to do an employment background check on each candidate. It’s really the only way that you can be sure about a new person coming into your working environment. The success of your business, the satisfaction of your customers, and the happiness of your other employees will all depend on this important decision. As such, you need to do what you can to make it a good one. Call AAA Credit Screening Services today to get started.

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