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Employment Background Screening

AAA Credit Screening Services Offers Employment Background Screening

Hiring an employee and then discovering they have a devious history can cost you in the end. Employment background screening is the way to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job. AAA Credit Screening Services offers employment background screening for business owners who want to know if the person they are hiring has a good history or a bad one. This can help you decide what is best for your company because a bad employee can ruin your company's good name. An employee with a bad driving record, for example, can result in potential lawsuits against you and could even cause someone to get injured or worse. Or they could have a criminal background and continue their unscrupulous activities while on the clock. Having a pre-employment background check can help you make better decisions and save you money and unnecessary headaches in the future. We have a professional staff that can help you interpret the background checks, leaving you no doubt about the person you are thinking about hiring. These days, you cannot be too careful about who you hire. They are a representation of your company and you only want the best people in that position. Come to AAA Credit Screening Services today and we will assist you with getting an employment background check and put your mind at ease.

We offer many packages when it comes to employment background screening. With these packages, you can find information such as:

  • Criminal records
  • Criminal records
  • Education credentials
  • Employment history
  • Driving records
  • Social Security number verification
  • Address confirmation

With these packages, you can find out what you need to know before you tell them they are hired. With our Full Employment Package, you can find out their credit history, verify their previous and current place of employment, check their statewide criminal history (if they have any) and request education verification. If you need to check them out fast, we have the Quick Screening Package. For those businesses that want to hire someone for a senior management position, we have the Senior Screening Package. This will help you place the right person in a top management position. Of course, our most comprehensive package for employment background screening is the Executive Screening Package. You can customize this package to fit your needs and substitute certain aspects of it to include:

  • Professional credential verifications
  • U.S. Patriot Act searches
  • Warrants search, including national and international

Sometimes, people will tell lies to get something better for themselves when they really have not done the things it takes to get to the top. You need to know of this before you hire them for a position in your company. You can with AAA Credit Screening Services' employment background screening. Contact us today or simply browse through our website for more information!

Featured Article:

Think of Employment Background Screening as an Investment

[Posted on May 16]

Businesses aren’t run by robots. Employees are essential in keeping businesses running and growing, but not all employees are the same and indeed, some may actually prove to be quite unsavory. Needless to say, In order for businesses to have a chance at not only surviving, but thriving, they will need to hire the best people and avoid the worst, and there is no doubt that the best can be hired and worst avoided with an employment background screening.

Finding the right person to fill a position can be an especially tough task, but thinking that you can hire just anyone and with the right kind of training they’ll be a very productive member of your business team can be a recipe for disaster. Without a doubt, a great many businesses have made very poor hiring decisions and have certainly regretted it. Making a wrong hiring decision can be extremely costly, and for some businesses, making the wrong hiring decisions has even led to legal action and bankruptcy! There is no doubt that businesses need to pay special attention to the hiring process in order to ensure that only quality job candidates are considered, and in doing so, a pre employment background screening becomes something essential.

Think of an employment background screening as an investment for your firm! Many job candidates either lie in their resumes or during interviews, but with a comprehensive background check on your potential employees, you’ll be able to feel even more confident that you are hiring the best people and avoiding potential disaster employees.

Don’t make the same mistake made by other businesses and not do your homework on your job candidates! By ordering a comprehensive background screening report from AAA Credit Screening Services, you’ll certainly have the tools you need to make prudent hiring decisions! With such a report, you’ll be able to find out if your job candidates have prior criminal records, whether they are telling the truth with regard to previous employment, whether references are accurate and agree with the assessment of skills and experience provided by the job candidate, and much more. Do the right thing for your business and order a quality employment background screening report from AAA Credit Screening Services. Contact us today for more information, or else feel free to continue browsing through the rest of our website.

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