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Motor Vehicle Records

Find Out Their Driving Record Before You Hire Them

Are you in need of drivers for your company? Any company that employs drivers will agree that in order to remain a viable operation, they must hire safe drivers. Dangerous drivers can cost you time and money if they get behind the wheel and act irresponsibly. AAA Credit Screening Services offers various services at discounted prices for businesses to screen potential employees. We supply motor vehicle records that provide insight on the past driving history of the applicant. This will ensure that when they get behind the wheel of one of YOUR company vehicles, they will not be a liability. A driving record check can prevent dangerous drivers from causing accidents or violating company policy, any of which can endanger your company. Before they get behind the wheel, contact AAA Credit Screening Services and let’s see what we can do for you!

A Detailed Report

When you obtain motor vehicle records through AAA Credit Screening Services, you will receive a detailed report about the applicant. Depending on the state, the driving record check displays any violations and accidents they have accumulated, if they failed to appear in court, if they have a suspension or revocation and if there are any active warrants. Drug and alcohol offenses may be shown on the motor vehicle records and any convictions they have for driving under the influence or illegal drug possession. Employing drivers with safe, clean records reflects positively on your business. You want your goods delivered on time, safely. A cautious driver can do that, which in turn helps your business stand out from the competition. Check them out first with AAA Credit Screening Services.

Explore Our Other Services

Motor vehicle records are just one of the many services we offer our clients. Employers can benefit from our services with our pre-employment background checks. For landlords, we also have tenant-screening reports. Our credit check services can save an employer or landlord money and time, two precious assets in the business world. If you need a motor vehicle records check or any other screening service, contact our friendly, professional staff. Don’t delay, browse through our website today!

Featured Article:

Typical Employees Might Not Require A Motor Vehicle Records Check But Those That Will Be Driving Do

[Posted on Jan 10]

Companies that operate the kind of business that requires them to have employees who drive for business purposes must deal with a greater risk and liability than companies that don’t include driving as an aspect of their routine. An employee that is being trusted to drive for business reasons must be screened even further than a typical employee. If you’ve utilized AAA Credit Screening Services in the past for your employee background checks, you’re already aware of how valuable we are to the hiring process.

With a background screening, you have access to critical information about someone you are considering for employment, which includes things such as employment verification, a credit check and a criminal check so that you can be sure that not only is the information that this individual has provided is complete and accurate but that they aren’t hiding something that should disqualify them from consideration. This same information should be acquired when screening an employee for a position that will require them to drive but in addition, you’ll also want to obtain their motor vehicle records.

If a person that has a poor driving history, a record of violations and accidents or even past suspensions of their driver’s license, it might reflect poorly on their character but wouldn’t necessarily make them unqualified for a position in your company if they’ll never be asked to do any driving. However, all of this information should be taken into account if you’re screening employees that will be driving for you. This can apply to both totally new employees as well as existing employees that will now be doing some driving.

Many companies think they should only obtain someone’s motor vehicle records if they’re going to be doing a job that has them doing mostly driving, such as a truck driver or delivery driver. But your company is also at risk when someone is simply running small errands or transporting clients. How embarrassing would it be to find that an employee was involved in accident or received a traffic ticket while with a client? It’ll be even more regrettable if you discover that person probably shouldn’t have been driving those clients anyway based on their driving history. You don’t have to take those risks when you view someone’s motor vehicle records before you ask them to drive for your company. You’ll know if someone has a clean driving record or if you should choose someone else to do the driving.

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