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Pre Employment Background

Check Out an Employee Before You Hire Them

Employers, we all know hiring good workers these days can be a tough venture! However, if you have some inside information on your candidate it might make your decision easier. A pre-employment background check can give you insight about a potential employee, saving you time as well as money. As a client of AAA Credit Screening Services, running a pre-employment background check on a potential employee is nearly effortless! We also offer other services such as credit checks, tenant screenings, business credit reports and even driving record checks. In addition, we provide experienced customer service support that will navigate you through credit report screening information. We are more than happy to assist you when you decide to choose AAA Credit Screening Services.    

A Screening Benefits YOU!

Many applicants have been known to inflate their salary history and employment responsibilities. Additionally, they may have a criminal background that makes them an inappropriate candidate for the job. A pre-employment background check can give you the edge you need to make a better decision. After all, it is your business to know what kind of person you are hiring. Discovering that a person is unsuitable after you spent the time hiring and training them could be a costly venture. For a complete pre-employment background check, check the price list or call AAA Credit Screening Services and select the right person for the job opening. An employment background check will benefit you and your company.

Many Packages Available

AAA Credit Screening Services offers several flexible pre-employment background screening packages that fit your needs.

  • Our Full Employment Package displays a candidate’s credit report, statewide criminal record, current and previous employment verification, as well as an optional educational verification.

  • Our Quick Screening Package is an excellent option for pre-employment screenings before interviewing applicants. It includes items such as a statewide criminal records check, credit report, prior address search, social security number search and validation and current and previous employment verifications.

  • We also have a Senior Screening Package for senior management applicants and the Executive Screening Package, our most comprehensive background check package. You can also mix and match the reports you wish to receive, as we can tailor a package just for you!

Save yourself some aggravation - have your applicants screened before you hire or promote them.  Come to AAA Credit Screening Services and let us see what we can do for you! Don’t delay, browse our website today!

Featured Article:

A Pre Employment Background Check Should Be A Mandatory Step In The Hiring Process

[Posted on Feb 21]

There are a lot of aspects that go into the hiring process when screening potential employees. This is particularly true in this current economic climate when any employment opportunity leads to a number of applicants. However, anyone that has ever hired for an open position knows that while it's great to have a lot of applicants to choose from, a lot of them will be far from qualified for the position you're offering. Many of those that are unqualified can be dismissed early on based on their resumes or job applications that indicate they don't have the experience or education to be considered.

Once you've made the easy and obvious cuts, you need to start looking at these potential employees more closely and this is typically when an employer will obtain a pre employment background report. This background check will reveal vital information about an individual and help determine if they are someone that can be trusted to work for your company. AAA Credit Screening Services can provide you with a pre employment background report so that you're able to become fully informed about the people that you're interviewing for a position with your company.

Even beyond contacting their previous employers and the reference they've provided, it's your duty to take that extra step ensure that they've been honest about their work history. It's a protective measure that will assist you in avoiding the consequences of hiring an individual who has a questionable background. Things that will be revealed in a background check from AAA Credit Screening services include a person's credit report, criminal records, employment verification and you can even confirm their educational credentials.

You'll find that at AAA Credit Screening Services you can purchase a single background screening or you can opt for one of our packages that present additional value. Our clients appreciate not just that value but the fact that we make ourselves available after they receive their reports so that we're able to answer any questions they have regarding the information they've been presented. When you request an employment background screening or another background search from us, we'll fulfill that request quickly, sometimes within the same business day. With our help, you can immediately disqualify candidates that have lied about their work or education history before you've wasted any more time on them. Many times a pre employment background check will come back clean but it's in your best interests to be sure each and every time.

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