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Tenant Screening

Screen Tenants Before They Move In

Landlords and property managers, would you like a way to screen tenants before they move in?  Check out the various tenant screening services AAA Credit Screening Services has to offer! Renting to tenants can be precarious, especially if they turn out to be late payers, troublemakers or destroy your property. Tenant screening will help you to know ahead of time what type of individual you are allowing on your property. In addition, tenant screening has many benefits such as helping you reduce criminal activity, cutting down the risk of late or no rent payments, as well as preventing potential damage to your property. We have a knowledgeable, professional staff that is prepared to assist you in sifting through a tenant background report. We also help you interpret what the report means to you. Armed with a tenant background check, you can confidently rent to tenants worry-free!

Spend a Dime, Save a Dollar

Tenant screening is worth a lot to you as a property owner. Most would spend a dime to save a dollar. That is the equivalent to what a tenant screening can do for you. With this tenant background check, you can discover a person’s rental history, determine if they have a checking account, verify their employment and ensure they do not have a criminal history. Along with our tenant credit report; you may order searches on social security number misuse, previous addresses and public record items such as tax liens, civil court judgments, and bankruptcies. Our reports are thorough and tell you everything you need to know before you decide to rent to an individual. Renting to individuals with a bad credit or criminal history could mean trouble for you and your other tenants. Have them checked out before you hand over the keys! It could save you money and headaches in the future.         

Rent with Confidence

Landlords provide a necessary and important service to society by renting property. You owe it to yourself and your other tenants to check out prospective renters before they move in. Also, a tenant background check helps you keep a legitimate rental in place. If you do not screen your tenants, you could be faced with damaging and stressful problems. Do not take chances – get a tenant screening performed and know who you renting to before they sign a lease. For more information on a tenant credit report, don’t delay, browse our site today!

Featured Article:

Don’t Trust Your Instincts; Trust a Tenant Screening Report

[Posted on Oct 20]

Choosing a person to rent your home or apartment is not something that you should take lightly. If you’ve made an investment in owning property, then you’re going to want to protect it in the best way that you possibly can. Although you may want to trust your instincts when it comes to choosing a tenant, instincts can sometimes be wrong. As such, it’s important that you rely on a tenant screening report to make sure that a potential renter is going to be trustworthy or not. A screening will allow you to look an applicant’s rental history and determine if he or she has a good history of paying rent on time.

If you have ever dealt with a troublesome tenant in the past, then you know how important it is to get as much information as you can before choosing to rent your space to someone. Getting a full tenant report is the best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you again. By taking the time to screen your tenants before you agree to let them live in your home or apartment, you can ensure that you won’t have these kind of troubles. Trust AAA Credit Screening Services to help you find the best tenants out there.

When it comes to being a landlord, there are a wide variety of responsibilities that you must handle each and every day. Dealing with unruly tenants is not something that you should be wasting your valuable time on. If you take the time to get a tenant credit screening, then you may not have to waste your time chasing down delinquent tenants asking for rent. Without this to worry about, you could spend a lot more time on all of the other issues involved with being a landlord.  

Getting a tenant screening is thus the best way for you to make sure that you pick responsible people to rent out your apartment or home. AAA Credit Screening Services can provide you with a quality report that is easy to understand. If you have any questions about information in your report, we’ll be happy to help clarify it for you. With the expert help of AAA Credit Screening Services, you can make better decisions that will give you more time to focus on being the best landlord you can be.

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